Hands off the thermostat!

Home Improvement

Energy Tip – stop messing with your thermostat!

Is your first instinct when you walk into a chilly home to crank up the thermostat?  Many people believe that setting the thermostat for a higher than desired temperature will heat up the space quicker.  This action is simply not true and could end up increasing the cost of your heating bill.  Regardless of whether you set the temperature at your desired level, 5 degrees above normal or 20 degrees above normal, it will take the same amount of time to reach that desired temperature.  Also, if you forget to adjust that higher setting back down once your desired temperature is reached, your heating system runs longer to reach that inflated upper temperature costing you money.  So keep your hands off that thermostat and in your pockets until your home warms up.

Better still, you could transition to a smart thermostat that learns your habits and schedule, and then has the home warmed to your desired temperature when you arrive.  Interested in learning more about smart home devices that enhance security, convenience, comfort and energy efficiency?  Contact Smart Home Solutions or your trusted Smart Home Certified Realtor Jonathan Davis at 978-559-1304 today.