I have a smart home. Do you?


Smart Home technology has arrived and is changing the way we live our lives.  As demand grows for connected home products the term is no longer a buzzword.  The emotional connection we have with our homes is transforming based on these products.

Sellers are considering Smart Home upgrades with the same frequency they consider removing clutter and staging to make the home attractive.  This technology is no longer a novelty or something only attainable for the luxury market.

Buyers are favoring listings that feature this smart home technology.  They are interested in smart features, such as automated locks, thermostats, and lighting to name just a couple.

Across the board homeowners are seeking more comfort, convenience, and energy-efficiency that is being delivered by smart home technology.  Even if you aren't active as a buyer or seller in the market you should take the time to consider these lifestyle enhancements.

I recently purchased the Smart Home Staging Kit (link below) and made my house a SMART HOME.  I've described the components below in more detail using a what is it and what makes it smart approach.

1) August Smart Lock with Connect - these two devices allow me to lock and unlock the door from my phone no matter where I am.  Next time I need to give access to my house to someone they don't need a garage door code or a key.

2) Nest Thermostat - this device is in the process of learning my habits and schedule to become more efficient.  Next time I forget to turn the heat down when we go away for a few days I can adjust the temperature from my phone.

3) Nest Cam - this device allows me to see the person entering who I just unlocked the door for.

4) Caseta Wireless Dimmer Kit with Smart Bridge - these devices can control lights using a remote or my phone.

5) Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm - when this device senses a problem it speaks, alerts my phone and lights up in case its dark.

Want to learn more from your Realtor of choice about THE DEFINITION OF SMART HOME AND THE TECHNOLOGY.

Here is the link to the SMART HOME STAGING KIT.