The new Nest Thermostat - is it a big deal?

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The new Nest - is it a big deal?

Recently Nest released the latest version in their Smart Thermostat lineup, known as the Nest Thermostat E. This is not a replacement for the third generation Nest Thermostat, which continues to be available. So why the addition to the product lineup?

Right off the bat consumers will notice the price tag. The Nest Thermostat E retails for $169 compared to the third generation Nest at $249. You’ll find these prices are universal before any potential rebates being offered by your local energy company.

Smart thermostats aren’t cheap, so this is an attempt by Nest to appeal to the more penny-wise segment of smart home consumers. The first question everyone asks is “Great, that lower price is appealing to me, but what functionality am I giving up?”

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