Think you don’t need an agent to shop for homes?

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Someone recently told me that he shopped for his new car without help from an expert, so he didn’t think he needed an agent to shop for a new home.

Usually the first time I sit down with a client before we’ve even talked about how many bedrooms and bathrooms they desire, I share some secrets about open houses.  You know the really friendly agent hosting the open house?  Most of the time he or she is the listing agent who was hired by the seller to work only in that seller’s best interest.  So, all those questions - about where you live now, do you rent or own, is the three footer tracking mud all over the kitchen your only child - are to get information that can be used as leverage against you.  The agent also isn’t going to give you any information that can be used against the seller such as ‘the divorce mediation is going terribly, so a quick sale matters more than the price’, or ‘they already bought and moved to NH so now they are paying for two properties’, or ‘the stakes in the woods behind the house are for a new development breaking ground in the spring’.  The agent isn’t giving you information because he or she doesn’t work for you.

Commissions are paid by the seller as a closing cost, so having an exclusive buyer representation agreement in place with me doesn’t cost you anything.

Think you can get a better deal on a property by having the listing agent represent you?  That listing agent would be happy to represent you, because then he or she receives the entire commission and doesn’t have to split it with a buyer’s agent.  When that agent represents both the seller and you, the buyer, who is getting the best advice? 

Having me as your agent means having someone working solely on your behalf to land you the best possible deal through negotiation.  I become your project manager adding value to the journey by keeping track of all the paperwork, communicating with your lender and attorney, and staying on top of milestone dates.

Every seller has someone working for him or her – hire me as your buyer agent and take advantage of having an expert working for you!